Similar to Benefit, RSL can also be used as a measure of treatment benefit. RSL is defined as the estimated number of years to the time when the pavement is providing the substandard service quality (controlled by a user-defined condition threshold). The condition threshold is defined by a groovy script and assigned to all the sections in every performance category in Performance Model screen using the following drop-down:

  • Script for Rem Life Threshold: This column provides a drop-down list that contains the various ways that the RSL threshold may be determined. This list contains all scripts configured in the Groovy Scripts window that are of the PI Threshold for RSL or Benefit type.

    The condition index that is used for calculating RSL is also set in Performance Model screen.

  • Used in RSL: When this check box is selected, the attribute is used to determine RSL. If multiple condition attributes are selected for RSL calculation, the final RSL will be determined based on the condition attribute that yields the least RSL.

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