This user guide is intended for partners of AgileAssets, it provides information on how to configure the system, load data, and information on performing network analyses and creating work plans.

To differentiate between types of information or actions required, this manual uses the following typographical conventions:

>:  The greater-than sign separates menu levels (for example, File > Open). The first part of the path is always the EAMP module that you are in (in this case Pavement Analyst or Linear Assets).

Note: The AgileAssets software enables you to customize menu design to suit business requirements. If this has been undertaken, then path names shown in this document may not represent actual path names in the system.

CAPITALS: Upper case text indicates system table names that are used as part of the process described (for example, SETUP_LOOKUPS) or columns within system tables (for example, COLUMN_ID).

+: When used between keyboard keys, the plus sign indicates keys that must be pressed simultaneously to perform a command (for example, ALT+F4).

Bold: Commands are shown in a bold font (for example: Retrieve).

Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks link to other sections that are being referred to in the AgileAssets Product Knowledge Center where further information on a particular subject can be found. Exploring the AgileAssets Product Knowledge Centre is highly recommended for more information on how to configure and use the software.

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