Significant updates were made to the Structures Inspector, Work Manager, and Maintenance Manager apps as well as performance and functionality improvements across multiple other products. User interface and experience have been improved and new navigation features have been added.

For more details, please see the release notes for the interim versions:

What's New across Products

  • Images and documents can now be associated with inspection conditions.
  • Customers will now be invited to complete an NPS survey about their opinions and any feedback about the product every 90 days or every time the customer upgrades to a new release of an AgileAssets product
  • Confirmation messaging when leaving a page with unsaved data has been updated across all products for clarity and consistency

What's New with Structures Inspector


  • New Inspection Teams screen - allows an inspection coordinator to create a team of inspectors that can be assigned bridge structures for inspection
  • Enhanced Inspection Manager screen - allows an inspection coordinator to assign new inspection candidates to an inspection team


Structures Inspector can now help users simplify their inspection workflows and improve their productivity. They will now be supported by location mapping and built-in data validation to eliminate errors, painful rework, and repeat trips out to inspection sites. Additionally inspectors can capture, annotate, and attach photos and sketches using built-in functionality to keep all inspection data in one place.

  • Download structures from assigned shortlist for offline use and as-you-go syncing
  • View structure inventory information as well as a PDF of the last inspection report in-app
  • Record NBI ratings, element condition ratings, and condition notes for structure components with embedded rating descriptions from FHWA's recording and coding guide 
  • Attach an annotate photos as evidence of a condition ratings

What's New with Work Manager

Web and App

  • Updated functionality when creating and detailing new work orders and editing existing work orders as well as pre-populating some fields using the Work Order Wizard
  • On new or existing Work Orders, when assigning new assets and locations to the Work Order, only currently active assets can be selected in the mobile app
  • Multiple equipment day cards can now be assigned to a single work order with the same Work Order Number, Equipment ID, Work Date, and different Operator ID and a second equipment day card can be added for a set equipment ID on a given work date
  • Asset Management and Inspection features are now integrated


  • Users can also now provide feedback within the app
  • Smart sync process – reduced sync time by 80%
  • Improvements to the progress bar for download maps
  • Custom navigation menu Menu Icon has been added

What's New with Maintenance Manager

Web and App

  • Refreshed user interface for creating a work order from the Daily Work Report and Plan Matrix windows
  • Refreshed user interface and experience of the work order history window
  • New work order history window
  • Users can now select existing linear assets from the map to edit them and view asset attributes and provide asset list for inspections and addition to IDDE reports through an Asset List


  • Multi-activity job field configurable in mobile app
  • Improved the work order creation wizard to simplify the user experience
  •  Sign asset Inventory including, adding, editing, defined collection tables, collection groups, and collection fields

What's New with Structure Analyst

  • Optimization analysis on bridge NBI components
  • Bridge analysis has been enhanced to support optimization analysis of AASHTO elements (or an aggregation of elements) by applying probabilistic deterioration models to a distribution of the four condition states

What's New with GIS Explorer

  • Security settings to the catalog for better content management
  • Support for creating and displaying a layer from an Image Service
  • Ability to update and save an existing map and its layers after changes have been made to the styling or other component
  • Folders in GIS Catalog Explorer can now be private, public, or shared. Users can create private folders, folders to share with a security group, or folders to share with an admin unit. Each user is can access their own private folder, folders that are shared with them, and folders that are public. Admin users have access to all folders in the Catalog Explorer

What's New with Jasper Reports

  • Support for Jasper server v6.4 as a future replacement for the embedded Jasper reports functionality. Embedded Jasper reports functionality will remain for the next couple of versions to allow for full migration of existing reports to Jasper server

What's New with Storm Water Manager

  • API support for Asset Collection app has been created. Users can now view asset attributes and provide asset list for inspections and addition to IDDE reports through an Asset List.

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