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For additional information including table and window configuration as well as how to import each data set, see the following topics:

There are three basic datasets needed for a pavement management system to function, including:

  • Roadway Segment Data
  • Pavement Condition
  • Construction History

The out-of-the-box Pavement Express includes the basic tables and windows for these datasets. However, prior to importing data, the corresponding tables and windows must be configured to meet specific customer needs. The configuration tasks include:

  • Expand the existing table structure to store the specific data element from users
  • Configure the window to display the corresponding attributes
  • Create import routine to update the corresponding data

If customer has data other than the above-mentioned dataset, additional tables and windows can be created and configured in a similar method to Roadway Inventory or Pavement Condition data. The process can be found in Create and Update Tables, Import Data into Tables and Create and Update Windows.

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